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The Marketer's Guide to Contextual Video

For marketers, contextual targeting is a critical post-cookies solution. But when it comes to delivering relevant ads in a changing advertising landscape, discussions of this method are often limited to text-based contextual signals, meaning that marketing teams often overlook the opportunity that online video and CTV content present in the contextual targeting space.

New approaches depend on adopting the tools required to unlock video-level data and more familiarity with its opportunities. This tactical guide by IRIS.TV, 4D, a division of Silverbullet, and Digiday focuses on how data extracted from within videos can be activated and utilized to clearly convey brand messages within a contextually relevant environment.

Download this guide to learn:

  • How video-level data offers contextual targeting beyond genre and keyword for online video and CTV content
  • How video-level data is accessed by marketers for contextual targeting
  • The ways video-level data can be used to target audiences and ensure brand safety
  • Why adopting tools to provide access to video-level data is beneficial to publishers as well as marketers