AI-Powered Marketplace for Branded Content 

IRIS.TV for Brands is a private marketplace for brands to distribute branded content in-stream alongside contextually relevant editorial video on premium publisher sites and apps.

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Using augmented intelligence and machine learning technology, IRIS.TV treats branded assets like content, not pre-roll, resulting in higher completion rates as the platform knows when and where to present the video.




ID Agency Bud Light

"Using IRIS.TV ’s video personalization technology, we were able to place a number of branded video campaigns, including a recent piece for AB/InBev (Bud Light) inside contextually relevant streams and found that 20 percent of viewers watched the entire 100-second video when played after editorial content on premium publisher websites. Today’s brands need to take an audience-first approach and ensure that content is engaging and delivered at the right time and place. With IRIS.TV, brands can optimize content strategies, dial-in audience engagement and actually increase brand perception.”

Alex Boyce

The ID Agency





"Upon launch, we saw an instant lift in our branded video campaigns. With the ability to distribute branded content in-stream to our viewers, we not only meet our guarantees, but also maintain our high editorial standards and continue to provide our users with highest quality user experience. We also now have unique prescriptive data on our campaigns, which has enabled us to make smarter strategic decisions."

Michael Palmer, GM of Video

The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard Media Group